Which options framework?


I’m trying to find a suitable options framework so I can deliver a site that allows the end user to use a colour picker and image uploader.

I notice that in a previous version of Roots, ‘Soil’ was used, which had an options framework included, but I’ve tried to add that framework as a standalone product with no luck. After installing, a message appeared in the admin section stating that the theme didn’t support the framework.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance :smile:

  • Doug

Soil has never been bundled with Roots and I still recommend using it. To get Options Framework to work you just need to create an options.php file in your theme root - you can use the one they provide as an example.

Thanks Ben.

I will check it out again. I wasn’t sure if it was still compatible with the newer version of Roots, but I guess most of the core is the same and therefore it wouldn’t be much different.

I’ll check out the options.php example too.

So, it will still work with the latest Roots? I was just going to ask, because it did not look updated for awhile. Must be stable then, yeah?

Nevermind: It worked just fine… the only thing is all the plugins were out of date.

Yeah it’s working for me too