Who added a little description of "very polite iirc" to my discourse profile?

Not that I’m complaining at all, my mother would be proud of this achievement… if only she could grasp the concept of the Internet!

I’ve noticed that while some members of the community have a badge that state “roots dev” or “very helpful” next to their name on posts, I have a badge of “very polite iirc” - I’m just wondering if this is some kind of automated badge? And whether it’s visible to everyone or just me??

Oh, and of course, thank you very much in advance :smirk:

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@QWp6t set your title because he’s a cyber bully :slight_smile:


Sounds like something I would have done since I overuse “iirc” like that. I don’t remember the specifics, but I think I remember doing it a few months ago. You were probably being polite. lol

@craigpearson I remember noticing this title “magically appear” during a discussion in which you were really truly nice about reporting a weird Trellis behavior that happens when production and staging are on the same server (same hostname used in hosts/staging and hosts/production).

Others might have just posted “WTF Trellis using staging vars when I specifically said production!” But not you. You offered the perfect picture of excellent online diplomacy, starting a productive discussion, not a fight. I guess the Universe noticed and responded.


Haha! Since posting this I actually did some rummaging around, and did some title hunting on here. As soon as I saw @QWp6t’s title I thought “ahh that’s got to be who did it!”

And then I had this thought of coming back to a title of “needy iirc” after he saw this post - DON’T YOU EVEN THINK ABOUT IT

Thanks @fullyint, I feel like this is a manufactured post now to gain self praise. But you wait and see the whole community will be seeking titles now!


“very needy iirc” :joy:

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tfw no hip discourse title