Why Trellis, not VVV or MAMP?

There’s a couple of new pages on the site that help show the advantages of Trellis versus VVV and MAMP:


Add a checkbox for “Active Community!” :slight_smile:


It might be disingenuous not to say MAMP Pro since you included a price on that column considering it’s also offered for free

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:thumbsup: Done, thanks

Great comparisons - looking at the tables, the only thing that I wish Trellis had was integrated database backups. Is that on the roadmap, or any plans to integrate the solution here?

Also, just some feedback - maybe the pages are split because of SEO purposes, but it’s not clear at first that the two have different content since they are identical until you scroll past the table. Maybe combine into one, and have either two columns under the table (vs. VVV, vs. MAMP) or have a toggle?

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Great idea Ben.

:thumbsup: to @runofthemill 's feedback; I personally think it should be one page: “Trellis vs VVV/MAMP”

I personally don’t care if it’s one page or multiples, but with the (sadly) increasing number of people who use DesktopServer, it’s only a matter of time before there needs to be a Trellis vs. DesktopServer comparison.

Integrated database backups might be a bridge too far.

There are so many ways to handle this

  • Quick and dirty cron job with WP-CLI
  • System-level Ansible roles
  • Application-level plugins
  • Services like RDS with automated backups at database-level

I would prefer to leave this up to the user.

Fair enough, makes sense!

For the user though, maybe point them to tutorials or tools to help them bridge this capability gap? Not necessarily on the comparison page, but perhaps in the docs or here on the Discourse board. Always nice to have an official or endorsed method for various workarounds. :stuck_out_tongue:

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