Will a softare installed in trellis locally be auto install during provision?

Say i installed redis and use it locally. Will it be automatically installed during trellis provisioning?

Another question, will trellis always provision the server before deploying for each deploy attempt?

A run down of trellis deployment will be helpful.

Our docs detail the difference between provisioning and deployment. And there’s a section on Deploys as well.

Any new software (like Redis), will only be installed if its added to a role and that role is called from a playbook. Example: memcached role.

Roles, playbook and other terms are quite new to me. Apparently i will have to get acquainted with ansible.

Any recommend reading i peruse to get up to speed with Trellis?

The good thing about Trellis is its just Ansible. And there’s a lot of Ansible documentation and tutorials. Their official docs are quite good: http://docs.ansible.com/

https://sysadmincasts.com/ has a bunch of good Ansible related screencasts too. Those first ~5 ones listed are all useful for using Trellis.