Windows and Ansible on guest machine

I’ve spent a lot of the weekend trying to get trellis going on windows 8, including a dead end trying to use ansible on windows using cygwin. I just don’t understand how to alter the main process. I’ve installed all dependencies except ansible locally, and spent some time spinning up vagrant boxes. I’ve cloned trellis. But what do I do for the next step:
"Run ansible-galaxy install -r requirements.yml inside your Trellis directory to install external Ansible roles/packages"
It seems that the ansible playbook would create a VM? But I need to run ansible from a guest linux machine. I’m lost

@squibs I think I have some good news. The README mentions the Trellis Windows docs. Here is an excerpt:

If your host machine is running Windows, … You do not need to install Ansible manually.

When you run vagrant up, the Vagrantfile will detect Windows and run the script. The script installs Ansible and the external Ansible roles/packages on the VM (so you can also skip manually running the ansible-galaxy install command).

w00t! Thanks - I didn’t pick up on this. I was too focused on the part that said “the workaround is to run Ansible on the VM (since it’s running Ubuntu) and not locally”. Thank you for salvaging my weekend’s work.

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