Windows + Trellis + rsync + ftpsync

I tried using vmware workstation, winnfsd, smb, but it all dragged to a point of uselessness.
One boot with rsynced folders, and I was sold.
Has anyone tried running rsync with Trellis and an ftp syncer? What are the pitfalls, except for a lengthy vagrant up?
I’m planning to use to do ftp sync on save in VSCode.

There’s one problem with rsync, I loose changes to my uploads dir in my vbox.
I’ll probably have to exclude the uploads dir from rsync after the initial rsync. Is there a better way?

That’s not inherent in rsync, you can choose to copy files without removing files that don’t exist on the target.

Seems like there is a “safe sync” you can use in that plugin:

Windows, WHY ARE YOU ALWAYS SO DIFFICULT! Gosh. Damn you are. This time. i wanted to do schedule a backup from my windows server 2012r2 to my linux backup drive. Its as simple as that (while i though it was at least). Google doesn’t help with so many rubbish online. Hence, here is a guide that will help us out (me included)