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WooCommerce Germanized: Encryption key environment variable

In recent release of WooCommerce Germanized plugin (a popular plugin for adapting WooCommerce to German market), the WC_GZD_ENCRYPTION_KEY environment variable should be set with a given key to ensure the data stays decryptable.

I guess for production on Trellis it would make sense to add this environment variable to vault.yml?

Edit: The rationale behind this is that without this environment variable the WooCommerce Germanized plugin derives the en-/decryption key from the LOGGED_IN_KEY variable which could be subject to changes. By default, Trellis vault already contains logged_in_key per site, but I guess it wouldn’t hurt to also add the WC_GZD_ENCRYPTION_KEY field?

I solved it now with defining the constant using an environment variable in config/<environment>.php:

// WooCommerce Germanized encryption key
if(array_key_exists('WC_GZD_ENCRYPTION_KEY', $_ENV))

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