Woocommerce Product Vendor Plugin - Wrapper problem

Hello guys,

So I am still having issues related around this WooCommerce template bug. I duplicated the majority of base.php in the archive-product.php template to create a quick fix as @Foxaii suggested, but now under certain circumstances, my theme breaks royally and inserts a NEW html page half down the code. You can imagine, that jacks everything up. See example: http://www.sennco.com/product-category/cricket-category/broadband-individual-units-from-kit-mock-cell-phone/

I know this is somehow related to archive-product.php b/c of the double content. So it seems as if the archive-product.php sporadically includes the header/footer & other global areas. When this happens it adds duplicate content & breaks the theme. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated? Thanks!

Update: Taking the hard-coded base.php elements out archive-product.php fixes the double content issue I am having. So the true question is… Why does /woocommerce/archive-product.php not include the base items and single-product.php does. There code is exactly the same and both include the woocommerce_before_main_content hook & woocommerce_after_main_content hook.

Fyi, you will still see the double content bug on the live site.

Instead of hard-coding base.php elements in the template (which will break other taxonomies and product archives), the core issue is with how the Product Vendor plugin for Woocommerce is loading the template.

It’s using template_redirect, which will not load the Roots wrapper.

Adding a custom template_include (and removing the template_redirect) to load the the correct template will allow Roots to load the wrapper, while also keeping the other taxonomy templates working as they should.

Bumping an old conversation but this is exactly the answer I need help with. I have another Woocommerce add-on which isn’t loading the Roots wrapper because it uses template_redirect instead of template_include. I’m just at a loss as how to remove one and add the other. I’m going through the WP docs now but it’s not making a whole lot of sense so far…

For now I’m just using a combination of the fixes above, using a taxonomy-shop_vendor.php file and creating header.php and footer.php files.