WordCamp 2016 in Vienna, Austria. June 24-26

Well… I will be there, spreading the Roots love. :love_letter:
Anyone else? :smiley:


Yup - there’ll be 3 from our company (UK & HU) - all huge Roots/Sage nerds…

@ben @swalkinshaw - any of the team coming across? @Foxaii - you’re a bit closer… are you?

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Unfortunately not. I considered it but couldn’t find a fit with my life and the awkward flights from Bristol.

Great, I’m looking forward to meet you guys! :sunglasses:

I will be there…

I’ll be there too. Count me in for beers :wink:

Hi all!

If any of you are there/here then it would be great to catch up and say hi!

Really interesting day yesterday.

Also I was sat next to a WP.com VIP engineer on the plane to Vienna and he said that they knew about the Roots stack, as did a couple of the hosting companies I spoke to, Pantheon being one of them.

In my opinion, very good for the project to know people and companies like this are talking about it - so keep up the great work.

It seems to be 50:50, from those not exhibiting, of who know of Roots (but few have tried it)

Hope to meet some of you later!