Wordfence plugin and Bedrock

Hi everyone!
We just recently moved our 6 Wordpress sites from the default wordpress structure to use the Bedrock layout.

We also want to use the Wordfence plugin for security.
The plugin looks into the wp-admin directory in order to check various settings. It expects the wp-admin directory to be in the defafult wordpress location, not the location it is moved to using Bedrock.

We’ve contacted Wordfence support, but there is no way to set a directory path for the wp-admin folder.
I was hoping someone else had an idea.

Thanks in advance.

I don’t have any experience using that plugin with Bedrock, but other users on here have reported using it.

Does Wordfence not support WP installed in a subdirectory? As far as WP itself is concerned, the wp-admin folder isn’t any different in Bedrock versus a vanilla install

Thanks benword!

The Vanilla wp install puts wp-admin in the “web root” where bedrock puts it in the wp subdirectory and wordfence doesn’t seem to like that.

Wordfence support didn’t mention that it didn’t support putting the admin in a subdirectory, but they also didn’t say that it did support it.

My search on the forum didn’t turn up any results that pertain to my issue, but I’ll keep looking.

Maybe this is related?:

Thanks starsis!
It does seem to be be partly related.
The issue I’m having currently is that the scans don’t start. There isn’t an error message, that I am aware of, in the server logs or the wordfence logs.
We contacted wordfence support about it and they aren’t sure either.

Composer package (notice the .1 extra release level) has been released which files match the checksums and the build process has been improved by johnpbloch to prevent this from happening in future again, see last posts in GitHub issue: