Wordmove as an alternative deployment solution for Trellis

I’ve finally got my head around Sage, Bedrock and Trellis in a local dev environment. My last remaining pain point is deployments. Many of my clients are in shared hosting environments, which means I cannot use Trellis to provision the server as intended. However I’ve still been using Trellis locally.

I recently discovered Wordmove and am seriously impressed by the speed at which it can sync multiple environments. One awesome feature of Wordmove is the ability to push/pull everything or just pieces of your site at any given time. Some of the possibilities include:

  • Files and database
  • Database only
  • Files only
  • WordPress core only
  • Plugins only
  • Themes only
  • Uploads only
  • Any combination of the above

It’s my understanding that Trellis deployments involve full site migrations with server provisioning, whereas Wordmove is more strictly focused on syncing your files and database.

I’d like to hear what you think about integrating Wordmove with Trellis and whether it makes sense or if there is too much overlap between the two. I think Wordmove could be a nice alternative for those who want to take advantage of the Roots stack but are limited by shared hosting environments that prevent Trellis deployments from being carried out as originally intended.


Same here about the shared hosting, never heard of Wordmove before so thanks for pointing that out to me!

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You could integrate it with Trellis if you wanted to. It wouldn’t be a trivial amount of work though. Basically Ansible would just have to run local actions which use the Gem locally.

Have you looked into integrating more WP-CLI commands into deployments maybe? You could also create more playbooks (like deploy.yml) that would just run certain WP-CLI commands.

Would be interested in how to merge the two so database gets included in deploy

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