WordPress Address (URL)

I am looking for information on how to change the WordPress Address (URL). My theme support people (Thrive Theme) are saying that the WordPress Address and the Site Address should match which is not the case:

WordPress Address: https://site.com/wp
Site Address: https://site.com

It’s grayed out in the admin so assuming this is configured through code somewhere but can’t locate it.

Thanks ahead of time.

It sounds like you’re using Trellis. Can you confirm?

What problem are you experiencing that lead the theme developers to recommend this change?

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That is correct; I am using Trellis.

I don’t believe their support team might not be right in this. I found after posting this that they should only match if WordPress were installed in the default folder which isn’t the case with Trellis.

The issue I am having is this though:

On my blog page, the next button is not working because the link that gets rendered is this:

<a class="page-numbers" href="http://blog/page/2/">2</a>

I am assuming that’s an issue with the theme itself and not anything Roots is doing.

Thanks for your reply!

Tell the theme support people that they need to properly support WordPress installed in a subdirectory :slight_smile:

If you use Bedrock/Trellis, the values come from .env and are set here: https://github.com/roots/bedrock/blob/cd85251244c1b31a7a22c3bb2fb87d9cde38a0d4/config/application.php#L35-L39

If a plugin or a theme doesn’t work with a Bedrock-like setup, you can be pretty certain that the problem falls on the end of that developer.


Thanks for the reply Ben, yeah I read that after I asked the question which leads me to believe they are deflecting what the issue is back away from their theme.

I just replied to them with the link you provided and to confirm if they are pointing to that being the issue or not.

I would hope that such a premium level theme (https://thrivethemes.com/) would be able to not blame the setup like that.

Should have just gone with Sage. :wink: (Though in my defense, I had already paid for Thrive before I found the Roots project so wanted to utilize both since I paid for Thrive already).

They figured out what was causing the issue. I have Soil installed and disabling that, it starts working again. Not sure the exact cause but just wanted to follow up with that. Apparently, there is something conflicting with Thrive Themes and Soil

I turned Soil back on and commented out this line:


Everything is still working. So it’s something with the relative urls that is throwing it off. If that’s helpful to anyone.