Roots Discourse + Sage 9


A client of mine is using’s Business plan, which allows for custom themes to be uploaded (a recent update I believe). I was wondering if anyone knows if Sage 9 will work fine on or if there’s any hurdles that might stand in the way? Has anyone tried it yet?


I think their business plan is flying under the radar right now. As long as you could package everything up into a zip (including composer deps), it might work. But I think the blade cache could have issues like some of the other managed providers. Only one way to find out! :wink:


The functions.php and styles.css in resources thing will also cause a problem as we see with other attempts to upload a .zip version of Sage themes.


Only one way to find out!

This is true :slight_smile: I will see if I can get some early access to the site and report back with a quick theme test.


Did it work? I currently have the same situation and I need to know if sage works with If not I have to recommend the change of hosting provider for my customer.