WordPress update on local

I searched the forums but didn’t see anything.

I updated the version in composer.json file to 4.6.1 ran composer update. It did update the composer.lock file but didn’t update the WordPress installed on local dev environment.

I’m I missing something? Or do I just hit the update button in the admin area? I didn’t get any errors running composer update just green text saying everything is up to date.


How about removing the vendor directory and running composer update again?

That worked. Thank you Ben!

Is that to proper way to update on the local dev environment?

I’ve never had to do that before, but I typically use Trellis for local dev

Wait, I use trellis too but thought wp was controlled in bedrock?

How would I do that in trellis?

Run Composer on the Vagrant box, not on your host machine.

  1. From your Trellis directory: vagrant ssh
  2. cd /srv/www/<sitename>/current
  3. composer update
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