Workflow to deploy on AWS with some additional tools

Hi there,

  1. What kind of changes i will have to make in the code to deploy Trellis on AWS?
  2. I also want to integrate CD(go cd) and CI(Travis) with some debugging tools for debugging (XDebug, memcached etc.), documentation, automated white label.

I am moving from cowboy coding to such kind of develop environment for better. I would like to hear get your suggestions/guidance.

Thank you.

  1. I think Trellis works out of the box on AWS if you just change to admin_user: ubuntu and follow the README.

  2. I canโ€™t comment on the other questions, but note you can enable xdebug in the VM configs and memcached is included by default.

Ah Yeah! :+1:

With so many customizations/integrations planned, Iโ€™d suggest starting by getting a vanilla trellis working, with all default settings (but change admin_user). Then start adding customizations one at a time, testing as you go. Might sound obvious, but the getting started process โ€“ and potential debugging โ€“ seems unnecessarily difficult sometimes when people start right in with a lot of customizations.