Working on existing Sage theme

Hi there,

Really need help - very new to Sage but trying to help a client add in a new section to his website which is using the Sage framework.

I don’t know where to begin as downloading the theme from the wp contents folder does not include the asset files. Looks like I am looking at the compressed files :frowning:

Any help would be appreciated!


Yeah, you need the assets folder to edit front-end stuff. I’d suggest asking the client if they ever worked with git and a repo for the project. Good luck!

They don’t have access to the repo Anymore - is there a way around it?

I can’t think of any decent fix. It’s sad they lost access to the repo. Enqueuing the current minified files (js and css) outside the default sage logic and starting with a new assets folder that can override those will probably cause you some pain, but might work. Although it’s far from a recommended process :frowning:

It depends on what you need to do. If you don’t have access to the fundamental assets files (and won’t), you can hack it and de-minify the CSS and rewrite it. However, this is very ugly, and by doing this, you’ve broken Git and you are outside the Sage environment.

Don’t default sage builds still contain the sourcemap and even the original assets, even when being deployed using the default trellis tasks?
Then it should be possible to get all original assets files back, even the webpack stuff (as it is JSON/JS files).

Since @Daniel_T made reference to wp-content I’m assuming this isn’t a Trellis setup. Sage by default does not disinclude the assets directory but I guess I could understand an agency removing it from a deployed product as sort of “lock-in” for their clients. That sucks and I don’t like it, but it’s possible.

Without the uncompiled assets you’re kind of stuck, @Daniel_T. The workarounds above are decent enough ideas, but they’re fundamentally workarounds and hacks.

If the client still has contact with the agency who built the theme originally it’s possible they could make the case that the assets belong to them as part of the project but that’s a long shot.


Thanks, I was thinking of that but wasn’t sure. Will give that a go. Thanks!

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Yes you are right, its a an older version and we don’t have access which is unfortunate. Will have to use an alternative way. Not ideal but will have to do for now. Thanks!

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