Working Sage demo for learning?

Hey, just wondering if there is a working demo of a theme built with Sage anywhere that I can clone and pick apart?

For me this is a great way to learn.


You could take a look at my blog that I recently refactored to use Sage setup:

If you’ll run it in bedrock environment don’t forget to change publicPath to /app/themes/crave in crave/resources/assets/config.json


Awesome. Thanks so much for that I appreciate it.

No worries mate.

I would also suggest just to start working on a project or refactor an old one. For me after refactoring this theme it became much more clear about controllers, namespaces, adding new templates, etc.

I also bought Sage development book, but I didn’t find it’s true value until I started to develop.

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Ya I bought the book and gave it a read. For me it just helps to pick apart a finished project to see a working example of how things are done.

I use the Timber plugin before and they have some finished projects you can download and see how other people do things, helped me a lot.

Anyway thanks again.