Working with Sage 9 alpha

I have a quick question regarding Sage 9. I’d like to start experimenting with it for a couple of smaller in-house projects, and I was wondering, is it a wise idea to start using it now for production sites (with the mindset that you can run git fetch / rebase to keep it patched up as the project matures)? Or is it wiser to stick to Sage 8 and wait until Sage 9 replaces it? I’d like to hear what people’s opinions are on this, or if they’re using v9 on any production sites at the moment. Cheers!

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We’re going to try to keep the exposed API from gulp the same, so that part shouldn’t give you too much trouble to make the switch later when we figure that out. The rest of Sage 9 probably won’t be changing a whole lot from its current state.

That said, I’m using Sage 9 for a site I’m developing.


Cool. I think I might get my feet wet then.

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