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WP permalink subpages don't work


Im using the LAMP stack and tried to get bedrock run. The root page is working, but all subpages don’t work as long as i want to use any other permalink option than plain. Looks like an mod_rewrite or .htaccess Problem, right? But mod_rewrite is on and is integrated.

Tried several versions doing it in the apache 2 .conf or as .htaccess. Nothing of that worked. Installed a wordpress without bedrock and with the same .htaccess und .conf content and it worked. I also tried to set the permalinks to plain and back. AllowOverride All is set and i can access the admin panel.
What else could be the problem here?

Thanks in advance for any helpful information!



You didn’t say specifically, so just to be sure: Have you tried following our Bedrock Server Configuration instructions for Apache?



uhh… Wow. I tried that many times, yeah. But actually, i tried it now again to be sure and now it worked… i guess, some other things changed in the background… strange, but thanks!


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