WPEngine compatibility


I’m wondering if any fancy Roots features such as URL rewrites are NOT compatible with WPEngine server. I’m looking forward to use Roots for the current website project and we want to use WPEngine as a host. Please advice if you have any insight on the compatibility.

Roots redirects do work fine, you just need to add the redirects yourself in the WPEngine dashboard. Or, you can turn off the redirects.

location ~ ^/assets/(img|js|css)/(.*)$ { try_files $uri $uri/ /wp-content/themes/roots/assets/$1/$2; } location ~ ^/plugins/(.*)$ { try_files $uri $uri/ /wp-content/plugins/$1; }

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I use WPEngine acutally. I love it, everysite I’ve built is on there, and YES it is compatible.

They have a Redirect URL section for each install you turn on.

In there you would add your redirects, done!

I’ve attached an example of how it looks in the actually admin

In the first example, the word “example” will be replaced by the name of your theme.

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Thank you for all the replies! I’m gonna go ahead and use Roots for the next project.