Wrong path for bower plugins with fonts


I’m trying to install slick-carousel using bower. (GitHub - kenwheeler/slick: the last carousel you'll ever need)

It works but slick-carousel expect my fonts to be located at dist/styles/fonts/slick.woff (or .ttf).
Sage moves these to dist/fonts.

How do you work around this redirect/move since I don’t want to change the souce of slick?

You should be able to add these variables without the !default flag in your _variables.scss file and slick should re-compile with those new values! This is what we’ve used in a recent project:

$slick-font-path: "../fonts/";
$slick-loader-path: "../images/";

You can also update your bower.json to override the defaults for slick like this:

"slick-carousel": {
  "main": [

Hope that works. I happened to have a project open :wink:

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