Xdebug not running in local

Recently i went through a server upgrade process in a trellis project and I now i’m finding that xdebug is not installed. Current version of php PHP 7.3.14-5+ubuntu18.04.1+deb.sury.org+2. No xdebug info in phpinfo() and no modules installed when i shell into the vagrant box and check.

Not sure how to troubleshoot and looking for some insight…

Thanks in advance.

I had high hopes for a configuration change. I noticed that in my group_vars/development/php.yml file the values for xdebu_install, remote_enable etc. were set to text true rather than numeric 1. In the latest trellis code those values are set to numeric 1 so i made that change and reprovisioned. Still no xdebug in my php locally. Very annoying…

Plugging away.

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