Xenial Nginx Package & Dependency Errors

Just wondering if anyone else tried to dist-upgrade Xenial in the past couple days and had issues with the new Nginx package and it’s dependencies.

Honestly it’s probably just my setup, I use nginx-extras because it includes the cache purge module and after this upgrade everything went to H E double hockey sticks in a hand-basket. All of the libnginx-mod packages fail because of dependencies and every one of my sites is throwing an error because of a unknown directive “fastcgi_cache_purge” that I use in all my configs so my sites work with the nginx-helper plugin.

Anyways I’m wondering if they dropped the cache purge module out of nginx-extras or maybe they changed around some meta-packages. Just seeing if anyone else noticed before I dig into this. I just bricked my staging server hard haha, but the lesson here is, that is why you always run dist-upgrade on your staging server before your production one.

Looks like it’s been removed/replaces in 1.11.5. Looking at the docs the feature is now listed as a “commercial” feature. Will be curious as to what y’all come up with as a replacement.

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Good looking out on the research. Looks like it may be back to compiling nginx manually. I don’t know if I’ll be able to live without that cache purge module unless I alter my whole setup.

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@ChrisWiegman Yup you are right, it shows up as a loaded module but they only let you use the fastcgi_cache_purge in your configs if you are using Nginx Plus.

So what I’m going to do in the short term is manually build Nginx and include https://github.com/FRiCKLE/ngx_cache_purge

Until I find a better solution.

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Ugh. It’ll probably be back to Vagrant for me for a while with this.

So I complied NGINX from source into an install-able .deb file, exact same as you would get from the nginx/development repo + ngx_cache_purge + nginx-push-stream-module

Just need to dpkg -i the two .deb files and it does the rest.

I’m going to test them on a server they were not built on to see how they travel then if everything is good I’ll put them up on my Github account for anyone who wants them, also with instructions to build them yourself if you feel better about it that way. I’ll be keeping them updated for my own personal use.

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