YouTube oEmbed not working on Post views

I’ve got a site built out & staged, but for some reason I cannot decipher, YouTube embeds are not working on the post index, or single post views:

Any ideas?

Are they working on other pages? If so, what differentiates those pages? Is the content being process in any way before it’s shown? Are you getting the content in the same way? Are you running any filters in the content? Etc…

Right, yes, details :man_facepalming:

  • The embed works on the homepage (the YT embed right at the top)
  • Only difference is it that’s a Page, vs. not working on the Blog or Post views
  • No processing other than what Sage + Soil do out-of-the-box, AFAIK
  • Both being retrieved by the_content(), from what I see in the templates
  • No filters other than what Sage + Soil do themselves
  • Sage 9.0.10, Soil 4.0.4

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