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2015 Recap

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2015 was a really big year for Roots. It was the first year that we really executed on our vision of providing a suite of modern tools to make WordPress development easier and better. This was achieved with two major changes: releasing Sage and Trellis. The first half of 2015 was extremely busy with re-branding,…


2016 here we come :tada:

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A big thank you to you guys, for all the hard work on this great project! I’m relatively new to Roots, but in a short time it has totally changed and professionalized my workflow.

The altruistic nature of open source is simply amazing! I’m grateful for it and try to never take it for granted. I wish you all the best for 2016. Stay awesome! :sunglasses:


I’ll second that.

Roots is amazing and has totally transformed the way I work too. A big thanks to @benword, @swalkinshaw and all the other guys who made this happen.

Here’s looking forward to a good 2016 for everyone.


Big thanks to you guys for all of this!!

Roots revolutionized the way I develop and teached me so much, I simply can’t stop recommending it.

Let’s make 2016 even grater!

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Great year for Roots, thank you guys for all the efforts. I especially enjoy the podcast.

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Big thank you to the Roots team! Looking forward to new podcasts episode and the Root CLI! Not only you guys enhance my workflow, you make me a better web developper every day!


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I learned soooooo much stuff in 2015 thanks to the roots team.
Best wishes for 2016 and keep up the amazing work!

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Thank you Roots team! Not only for making my WP life easier and better but for constantly pushing on it and showing me new and thoughtful ways to do things. Sorry I don’t develop WP often enough to meaningfully contribute back.

That’s an amazing list for 2015. I didn’t even know about the example project.

Good luck in 2016!

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Thank you to the roots team and the roots community! What you’re doing is really outstanding. Keep it up!!!

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