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2021: A story about collaboration

Hello Sagers!

I want to share a story that happened to me some days before the year ended.

I was looking at the live examples post just to know what everybody is doing with roots Sage, and one post from June caught my attention deeply.

It was this one. I loved the design, the emotion put in the copy, the carefulness put in the code, every inch of it breathed conscientiousness and attention to details.

Introducing Supermundano & Caramel Concept:
The author is @carlosfaria from Valencia, Spain. Since I am from Barcelona and we are almost neighbours I thought: why not meet him and share some thoughts?

Long story short, we met and discovered we are very similar and opposite in a delightful way. We both own a small design&branding agency, where our partners are both business and love partners. Carlos and Carmina own Supermundano, while Raffaella and me own Caramel Concept. Carmina is more design & photography oriented, and Raffaella, is more design & illustration oriented. Carlos is more backend oriented, and I am more frontend oriented. He is more Vanilla guy, I am more framework guy (currently fan of Tailwind and Alpine/Vue). They are more dog lovers, we are cat lovers. We even speak the same native languages (Spanish-Valencian/Catalan).

It was an amazing experience meeting them. So we said, why not collaborate, share knowledge, collaborators, and projects?

We don’t know how it will go, but it is quite a good start for this 2021 year.

So we thought that maybe there are more people who love coding our way and becoming a part of this neverending adventure of design and development.

So what is it all about?
If you are inspired from our story, just drop us a line. If you would like to know us and work with us, we are looking for freelancers from Spain, Portugal or South Europe. The reason, basically, is to match the pricing of our local clients, but we are open to know anyone from abroad.
We will be happy to meet some enthusiast coders that could help us to deliver our projects, as we are often too busy and it will be nice to share the work.

In case you are on the opposite side and want to outsource some projects to people that are deeply in love with design, and coders follow the crazy designers even at our desperation cost, you can consider us for your next amazing project.

Both of us love this community, so I want to thank the team of Roots Sage for giving us the opportunity to meet mindalike people like Carlos.

Some background about us:
@carlosfaria agency is Supermundano
Recent portfolio:
Better by letter

My agency is Caramel Concept
Recent portfolio:

Happy start of 2021!!


I love this story ! I also fell in love with the better by letter site when I saw it in the showcase! Sent you a PM, I am a freelancer in Berlin !

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Thanks for your PM @gracemonahan! I already answered. Let’s build something great :muscle: :rocket:!

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