403 "Updating failed" error in Gutenberg – but only on production

I migrated a web site to Bedrock / Trellis. Did a search replace for the URL & file path in the sql for the dev environment and that works perfectly. Did the same for production (moving it to https) and Gutenberg gives a 303 error in the editor. Any ideas? :grimacing:

Is there a body included with the response (check dev tools network tab and look for failed admin-ajax.php requests). Often an issue like this would have to do with cookie nonces. If that’s the case, and since you switched to HTTPS, I might also regenerate the salts for the production environment.

Thanks for that! The admin-ajax.php calls are working – it’s the WP API / wp-json / cross-origin that fails. Tried regenerating the salts and that did not work. Tried rebuilding, looking through the site config & nginx config but can’t get gutenberg going

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