404 products/pages after migration

Hi all,

I’m semi new, been using roots/bedrock intermittently. My preferred way now to install and manage wordpress websites.

I’ve ran in to an issue, hope to get some ideas on how to solve this.

Manually migrated via sftp and wpvivid db restore
https://wp.r-p-r.co.uk to https://shop.r-p-r.co.uk

Unfortunately now all the pages/products on https://shop.r-p-r.co.uk return 404.

I’ve tried adding .htaccess and apache config.
Going in to settings>permalinks and hit save.

TLDR: links and products return 404 after migration.

Hi @itatrpr,

From the link you’ve shared, it seems that the issue is at the Apache / HTTP server level. Requests should be hitting your index.php file, and they’re not.

Is mod_rewrite enabled and configured correctly? Can you share your .htaccess and httpd configuration?

Oh, also, make sure you’ve restarted Apache when changing config files… That’s an easy one to miss.