404 when working with Port forwarding

I have a problem deploying an old working project on a new staging environment.

The environment consists of an Ubuntu 22.04 Server witch is located in my private network and accessible from the internet via port forwarding on my router (Port 22, 80 and 443).

Provisioning with SSL disabled runs through without any errors, whereas provisioning with SSL fails at Test Acme Challenges.

Deploying works fine.

But even after provisioning without SSL and deploying, the site isn’t reachable. I get a 404 page from nginx.

I found out that if I delete no-default.conf in /etc/nginx/sites-enabled I get to the page. But this workaround doesn’t work for me since I need SSL.

I can’t find out why nginx doesn’t serve the correct site, I believe it corelates with the server_name property of the nginx configuration, but here my knowledge of nginx configuration and port forwarding is at its capacities.

I hope that somebody here can explain me what I have to do in order to make it work.