5.2.4. Suitable model for security releases?

5.2.4 is a security release and I’m eagering waiting for roots/wordpress to update.
The absence of automatic release is IMHO the main failure point for Bedrock installations.
Isn’t possible to just make a cron that run every couple hours and create tags in that repository accordingly to official WP releases ?

Hey @drzraf - we do have automatic updates, and 5.2.4 was tagged on the repo on October 14th, the day it was released.

Sorry. I was mistaken.

Now that you tell it, I can clearly see it at https://packagist.org/packages/roots/wordpress
… but not at https://github.com/roots/wordpress/tags

https://github.com/roots/wordpress/releases/tag/5.2.4 is there? It’s just lower on the list

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