500 Internal Server Error after successfully deploy


how can i debug a 500 error on a recently deployed (successfully) instance?

I have looks at /var/log/* for errors on php-fpm as well as nginx but nothing found. Also in /srv/site/logs/

I know this is another 500 error post but none of the ones i have read previously have helped. I have followed documentation, provisioned and deployed into a DO droplet with ubuntu 18.04. I can run wp commands on server and database looks good. I have also tried to check with a phpinfo file but can not see it, error persist.

Any idea on this?

Many thanks on advance,

Just to add some more infos i found later on. I am getting the error due to:
rewrite or internal redirection cycle while internally redirecting to "/index.php".

This lead me to the root directive of my site.conf file from nignx. I needed to adjust the path since i am using a directory layout a bit customized.

Thanks anyways and i apologize for the dummy error :sweat_smile:,
Best regsards,

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