504 Gateway Time-out - Bedrock-Ansible Live Server Deploy

I am deploying a fresh multisite installation to a fresh Ubuntu EC2 server, I installed the correct permissions and am able to run the server provisioning script in ansible as well as deploy.

I am seeing my database has migrated, and I have run a search and replace on the DB so no Dev URLS are present
from example.com.dev to example.com

Also, the repo files have been cloned, I can see them in the proper /srv/www/example.com/current/web
I have created the .env file under /srv/www/example.com/shared/ for the production environment variables.

I have ssh root access.

During the server script, I had some error mentioning not being able to install these following packages. So i did so manually through root access, I was able to get the default nginx root before deploying the bedrock site.

My Question:
This is a MultiSite, and I have had issues in the past with something not working right when deploying a network that was already created locally and the db modified to the new URL. So there may be something with this factor that is causing a problem.

Do I need to refresh something? (Like auth salts? which I created new ones just for the Production, staging envs)

Also, I updated the local network to 4.2 during this time, and I am able to access the local vagrant env and work on it successfully, all be it is a bit slow (for a different thread). but I did updated the composer.json file with the latest from the repo to deploy the latest WP core.

Where should I look first into this?

Thank you.

This is an old question, but were you able to figure anything out?

If so, what things did you do to troubleshoot?