Access site directory inside vagrant?

Hey folks, I’m using trellis with vagrant from Windows 10.

After I vagrant up from within, when I vagrant ssh and then cd /vagrant I see the files from the ansible subdirectory.

How do I access the site folder from the VM? I want to work with sage and need to run bower etc. from inside Vagrant.


By defaults /vagrant points to X:/
Have you changed something?
You probably forgot to move Vagrantfile to the root directory X:/

On vagrant up you should see an output like that:

==> default: Mounting shared folders...
    default: /vagrant => X:/
    default: /srv/www/ => X:/

and obv you can access to the site folder on /srv/www/ and /vagrant/site

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Thanks man that fixed it, appreciate it.

I can’t find anything in docs about moving the Vagrantfile to the root dir.

I have this setup:
-> ansible (Vagrantfile is here)
-> site (bedrock)

If I move the Vagrantfile, I have to change the ANSIBLE_PATH. Are you sure about this?

Edit: Actually, we don’t have to move anything. Just ssh and cd /srv/www/yourproject/current after vagrant up.