Accessing Clover

To access clover I need to become a GitHub sponsor. Do I need to sponsor monthly or is one time sufficient ?

Our GitHub Sponsors account is configured so that any active $7 reoccurring sponsors are automatically invited to the Clover repo — if you don’t do the reoccurring sponsorship, you will never get the automated repo access

If you’d like to do just a one-time sponsorship, that’s fine, and I can send you over a zip of the current Clover codebase. If you choose to do the reoccurring sponsorship then you can also join ~200 of us on our Discord server :roots:

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Thanks for your reply. I have become a monthly sponsor. Really looking forward to developing my first wordpress plugin with clover.

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Hello Ben,

I wish to get access to the Clover repository, the only problem is that since this year GitHub decided to just put a full stop on PayPal payments. I would like to get access to the repository, is there another way besides credit card that I could sponsor you and get access?

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Hey @bedirhan_dincer — it’s frustrating that GH stopped PayPal payments :frowning: If you’d like continuous access to the Clover repo, the best alternative would be to become a patron

If you’d like to do a one-time payment, we have a PayPal account associated with the email address

Hi @ben - thank you for your reply, appreciate it.

That’s great to hear, I have some issues at the moment with my PayPal account (need to contact support) but whenever I have solved the issue I will become a patreon. Do I automatically get access after becoming a patreon or what’s the procedure?

We don’t have Clover and Patreon automated access setup, but just shoot me a DM or an email with your GH username once you’ve become a patron and I’ll get you invited

How do I get access to the discord server now that I’m a sponsor? I got the invite to the Clover repo but there’s no info for Discord anywhere in the process.

Thank you for sponsoring us! I’m not sure why you didn’t get the welcome message and email :thinking: This is what you should have seen per our GH sponsor settings:

Thanks so much for supporting Roots! :purple_heart:

We’d love to see you join us on our Discord server! Please login to the dashboard to get an invite.