ACF Composer integration on plugin

Good evening :slight_smile:

I would like to ask if there is a guide or manual on how to implement ACF Composer in the wordpress plugin or using clover plugin?

What specifically is giving you difficulty that isn’t covered by the readme at the link you posted?

I checked the and manual is for theme only but there is no manual to implement it with plugin

What have you tried? How is it failing?

Take a look at @Log1x 's other repositories for inspiration. log1x/navi can be installed as a plugin and the plugin.php file included in that repo handles registering the service provider for acorn. I believe that is a key step to getting it to work as a plugin but my knowledge of laravel/service providers is so limited that this is all I can offer for help.

Expanding on @alwaysblank’s question, it would also be helpful if you explain why you want to do this and what your current setup looks like. Are you using Sage and Acorn already?