ACF dependent custom "page builder" in Sage 10 -> best practises (2020/2021)

Hey, I’d appreciate if Roots community can share their best practices for a Sage 10 “page builder” that is dependent on ACF. The context of this post is an approach for a fully custom website where the site contains of a pre-designed “blocks”. I’m familiar with the WordPress Block Editor (or WP Blocks) and the ways to implement ACF there but it is giving the client too many ways to “mess up” the aesthetics.

Till now (mainly with Sage 9) I’ve been using an approach (ACF Flexible Content) described by @nathobson what can bee seen in the following post: Anybody using any page builders with sage? - It works well but since Sage 10 is implementing new ways to do stuff I’m interested if there is a new (and maybe better) way to set up custom “page builder” for managing content.

What’s your opinion?


I use ACF-Composer by log1x, which basically is based on his tutorial here: but done the sage 10 “way”. Is this what you are looking for?

Although this implementation and ACF Pro is really great, I am still not that happy with the creational process of custom fields for customers, especially when it comes to creating some kind of layout preview (only the layout) that looks a bit like a page builder, so the customer gets an idea. Of course you are able to arrange ACF fields a bit, but the field nesting in different groups becomes a mess, very quickly.
Im curious seeing you workflow (?).

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Thanks for the fast feedback. I’ll look into it and try to share my insight (although I’m confident it is great - :fist_right: :fist_left: @Log1x) when I have some solid XP with that.

By this you meant the workflow for nesting and arranging the fields? First thought is that its going to be chaotic if previews are included inside the page builder - my idea would be to create a PDF document that describes the available layouts with names that correspond to the names of the “content blocks” that customer sees.

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