ACF on Sage 10 dev-master

Is this the proper/only way to use ACF with Sage 10 dev-master?

There’s no one “proper” or “only” way to use ACF with Sage. You can use ACF the same way you would in any other theme, adjusted for the Laravel blade template syntax.

In another theme you might write:

<?php the_field('field_name'); ?>

In Sage you would write:

{{ get_field('field_name') }}

I recommend using this library to automatically cause ACF to save its field definitions as JSON files in your theme directory, rather than keeping them in the database, but this is more of a good idea than a requirement.

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Hi @robbiecren,

As a solution, you can create custom View Composers files and put all your ACF logic.

See how to work with View Composers in Sage 10 here:


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