ACF & Post Preview - Fields always null

I can’t seem to find a definitive answer about whether it’s possible to preview pages / posts along with their ACF fields. At the moment all ACF fields return null when in Preview Mode.

Does anybody know whether it’s possible to view ACF fields in preview mode or not?

There’s a few posts on the ACF forum about this saying it isn’t possible due to how the preview button works.
Apparently one work around is to save the post as a draft then click preview.

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Cheers. Yeah that actually does work. ‘Switch to Draft’ > ‘Preview’ - now I can see the ACF fields.

Sadly that would be a lot for my clients to remember and dangerous if they forgot to re-publish afterwards. I guess we have to wait for ACF and see if they can fix it.

Yeah I wouldn’t expect that to come any time soon!

Maybe give this a go:
A colleague of mine uses it and I think it may be a workaround for you.

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