Acorn as a Plugin not longer available?

Hi, I noticed that Acorn as a plugin is not longer available since 3.0.0 (it was available in the beta versions of 3).
The plugin was the only way I could get Sage 10 to work on shared hosts.

:thinking: Yes, it appears that WP plugin support was removed:

However, on shared hosts you could just transfer the vendor/ directory onto it?
You can also configure composer to install dependencies for a specific PHP version (that of the shared hosting environment) (e.g.


I think Sage simply just doesn’t work without Acorn installed. I remember trying all kind of things a while ago (including moving vendor and Acorn cache files to the server). I could only get it to work with Acorn as a plugin.

Why was support removed? Is the plugin not a viable solution anymore?

Acorn lives in the vendor directory though — what @strarsis said is relevant. There’s other folks doing that same thing so it would be helpful to get more specifics on what isn’t working for you.

Acorn never officially supported being installed as a WP plugin

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Ok that gives some hope. I will dive into this again a soon as I have time

FWIW I’ve had success deploying a handful of sage 10 based themes to shared hosts. Siteground and A2Hosting seem to be compatible as long as the php version the server’s shell is using is updated to a version that meets the requirements for sage/acorn.