Acorn v2.0.2 failed to boot

Acorn › Boot Error

\Roots\bootloader() was called incorrectly.

Acorn failed to boot. Run \Roots\bootloader()->boot().

If you’re using Sage, you need to update sage/functions.php:32

Check out the release notes for more information.

This message will be removed with the next beta release of Acorn.

I don’t know what to do I’m new to sage

Seems like Acorn 2.0.2 has an issue. If you update line 32 in functions, I get a new error where it can’t find sage.views.

I ended up downgrading to Acorn 2.0.1 which seems to work fine.

slackday also commented on this issue here:

Yes, same issue here

2 days ago Sage 10 seemed to be working fine and today cant even install it or work on it… what’s gone on?

It’s… software? Stuff breaks? :sweat_smile:


Acorn v2.0.3 has been tagged which fixes this issue

In the future, please:

  • Get a bug report opened on GitHub for the quickest visibility for the maintainers
  • Calm down a bit, no one is holding a gun to you and forcing you to upgrade to the next patch release immediately. Downgrade and go on with your day so that you aren’t blocked from being able to “even install it or work on it” :+1:

We’re going to be writing integration tests to help avoid breaks like this in the future