Acorn v3.0.0-alpha.3 released

acorn v3.0.0-alpha.3 released

What’s Changed

Full Changelog: Comparing v3.0.0-alpha.2...v3.0.0-alpha.3 · roots/acorn · GitHub


Can someone explain the first line to me?
What does alien bud handshake acorn mean?

:alien: is gitmoji for “Update code due to external API changes.” In this case, that “external API” is the emitted entrypoints.json from Bud.

“bud :handshake: acorn”— Bud and Acorn are shaking hands.

There’s a sibling update in Bud that also walks back the changes on its end to minimize headaches for current users of Acorn.

tl;dr— that PR addresses some compatibility issues we ran into between Bud and Acorn.

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How is dev of this going? Really have some dependancies on Laravel <9.0 and seems like there are some undocumented breaking changes still.

For e.g. I’m getting stuck on Target class [assets.manifest] does not exist. even though manifest.json exist

Edit: It’s failing on bundle('app')->enqueue(); in setup.php, I looked into GitHub - roots/sage at acorn-v3 to see if I can spot some differences but with no luck

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