Activating Sage 10. chmod(): Operation not permitted

Hi all,

I’ve been setting up WSL on Windows 10 so I can work with Sage 10.
I’ve seemingly had success getting the required things set up, e.g. PHP, Apache, MySQL etc.
I thought I had success configuring virtual hosts, symlinks pointed to the right place in order to see Bedrock and allow me to run the WordPress installation.
But I’ve just now gotten stuck activating and viewing the Sage 10 theme. Please see the attached image. (I also did get a similar chmod error in wp-admin when I tried to update translations as soon as I loaded wp-admin).

Some sort of user permission problem?

I know this isn’t necessarily a Sage problem, but I thought one of you might be able to assist anyway, presumably it’s an easy fix for someone who obviously knows this stuff?

Please let me know if I need to provide any further information to help problem solve this.

Thanks in advance.

Based on this, and that you’re using WSL, my guess would be that your files are on the Windows file system (rather than the WSL file system) and this is preventing some file system operation from working correctly. Windows and Linux have fundamentally different approaches to file access management and while WSL tries to manage some of that it doesn’t always pan out. I’d recommend putting your project files on the WSL file system and seeing if that helps.

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Thanks @alwaysblank, will do.

I guess my only reservations with getting Sage 10 working is having to use WSL and this makes me change my processes. I’m not entirely opposed to change as I want to be working with the best practices but the concept of moving away from just using Windows seems daunting.

Anyway, I’ve established a bit of a work around that I’m comfortable with.

  1. As suggested, I moved my project inside var/www/PROJECTNAME
    (no more of those previous errors :+1: ).
  2. Previously I didn’t know you could see WSL within Network (so I mapped that to a drive), this is good for me as I don’t love browsing files in console every time.
  3. In Ubuntu I did chmod -R 777 /www/var. This allowed me to easily mod files / add plugins that aren’t available in wpackagist and also use Git GUI which I am guilty of using every so often.

This works pretty well for me and doesn’t change my workflow too much.
If anything here is dumb please let me know. Happy to always get some sagelike advice from Roots Discourse :slight_smile: