Actual Trellis CPU/RAM requirements and also - vs. EE

Hi all

I’ve been using EE for some time now and it’s actually very good for me. However, I’m not sure how long it will continue to be maintained
I wanted to ask, what is the overhead? How well it will run on a 1C/2GB linode machine with several sites having 500-1000 visitors a day (with caching and all)
Currently it’s really no issue for this machine

Second question - I can’t really figure out what trellis offers beyond/unlike EE, is there a thorough document?


Hey oops. What’s EE?

And to give you an emotional response, I like Trellis so much that I fully intend to call my first born child Trellis.


Hi Ian!

EE = EasyEngine. It’s pretty good, but more basic, I think, and mostly its future seems unclear
What do you think about its requirements?

No experience with EE but it mostly accomplishes the same goals as Trellis: sets up WordPress sites and installs the software necessary to do that. But it’s at a higher level without a lot of the extra things Trellis does to manage an entire server.

Trellis will run fine a 1C/2GB linode. We’ve run plenty of Trellis servers on $5 and $10 DigitalOcean servers which are similar or worse with 512GB RAM.

It entirely depends on the workload, but with caching it’s not a big deal.

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Thanks for the info

EE doesn’t use VM to achieve that purpose. I wonder what are the benefits in practice, and what are the performance costs