Add a second Bedrock site to Lima VM

After initializing the virtual machine with

trellis vm start

I have added a second Bedrock site called When trying to provision the local server with

trellis provision development

I get an error on the [wordpress-install : Install Dependencies with Composer] task because /srv/www/ directory is empty. The bedrock project is not symlinked in the virtual machine, although it is in my local filesystem.

If the Bedrock project is present before creating the virtual machine, then it works, but adding a new project with the machine already running does not seem to work.

How is this resolved? What is the correct way to add a new project to an already running virtual machine?

[EDIT] Tryed to deploy to development with allow_development_deploys: true in cli config and I get this error (“current” is not a symbolic link)

TASK [deploy : Initialize] *****************************************************
fatal: [default]: FAILED! => {"changed": false, "msg": "/srv/www/ exists but is not a symbolic link"}

I think it’s an issue with the generated Lima config not being updated properly.

What does your .trellis/lima/[site name].yml file look like? Here’s an example:

vmType: "vz"
  enabled: false
- location:
  arch: x86_64
- location:
  arch: aarch64

- location: /Users/scott/dev/site
  mountPoint: /srv/www/
  writable: true

mountType: "virtiofs"
  forwardAgent: true
- vzNAT: true
  user: false
- mode: system
  script: |
    echo " $(hostname)" >> /etc/hosts

You can see my one site under mounts. One issue with the Lima integration is that file isn’t the source of truth, Lima itself will generate its own under ~/.lima/[site name]/lima.yaml. So there’s some situations where trellis-cli updates its config but it’s not reflected in the other Lima one.

This isn’t a proper solution but you could manually edit that file and stop + start the VM. trellis-cli should update these configs so if it doesn’t then it’s a bug. But there’s never going to be a way to support this without at least stopping the VM.

Even Vagrant required a specific vagrant reload command. Just provisioning wouldn’t pick up new mounts.