Add class to log1x/navi when on single custom post type

I’m using log1x/navi to build my primary navigation.

I’m using a custom template to show custom post types and I would like to add an “active” class to the menu item when I’m on the single page for that custom post type. Since it’s a custom template, it does not know about any parent pages or archive pages.

How would I best approach this?

public function navigation(){
        $navigation = (new Navi())->build('primary_navigation');


            // I'm guessing I should be able to add a custom class here?

        return $navigation->toArray();

Thanks in advance!

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Have you checked out the examples section in the Navi docs? This page should give you an idea about how to add an “active” class based on a condition.


Hi csorrentino!
Thanks for your reply. I have checked out the docs. The active item is working, but when I’m in a custom post type, the builder doesn’t know about the parent page because it is a custom template.

The structure is as follows: I have a custom page template “Recipes”, which is in the menu and does show as active item when I’m on the page. That page has a list of custom post types “recipe”. When I click an item and go to the single template, I would like the menu to still be active, since you’re actually still on some sort of “Recipes” page. The menu doesn’t know that it’s on a child page there.

I hope it’s clear what I’m trying to do.

Kind regards

Ok, this is untested but you could try changing the <li> code to something like this:
<li class="menu-item {{ $item->classes ?? '' }} {{ $item->active || (is_singular() && $item->url == get_post_type_archive_link(get_post_type())) ? 'active' : '' }} ">

Part of that is indeed what I had to set the normal active class on the page. But this doesn’t help for keeping the menu item active when on a single post. The archive link is unknown since it’s not an archive page. It’s a custom template, that’s why it’s not working properly.

ok, it seems like you just need check for is_singular(‘recipe’) or whatever your post type is called:

<li class="menu-item {{ $item->classes ?? '' }} {{ $item->active || (is_singular('recipe')) ? 'active' : '' }} ">