Add css files to sage 8

I am building my first website with Sage, in fact, I am moving static files to it.
I have a problem to add more CSS files, just cant get it to work.
I am adding this to manifest,json

"static.css": {
      "files": [

Maybe this is not best practice, but there is a ton of CSS files that are used and I want to save a lot of work by reusing them.

I cant find what I am missing here.
Any help would be appreciated

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You still need to enqueue the new CSS file from lib/setup.php at the bottom part where theme assets are defined

Oh, my.
Works now, thank you so much.

Does that apply to all 3rd party css / js files?

Bower packages that have main defined will get automatically included, you can learn more about that in the asset-builder docs (or the screencast or book on the Roots site)

Thank you.
So I can add packages with “main” manually? Sorry for being noob :slight_smile:

I will see docs.
thanks again

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