Add http:// prefix to URL when missing

When you writing a comment and is filling the website field, you have to include the “http://” prefix in the URL, otherwise it won’t be accepted. I’ve tested on different sites built on roots and it’s the same thing.

How could you automatic add http:// if it’s missing?

It’s working by default in the wordpress-included themes, but I couldn’t figure out how it’s done there.

Thank you in advance!

Which version of Roots?

That may happen if you’re using an outdated browser, because the comment form uses type="url". If your browser is up to date and you don’t include http:// then the form should not submit due to validation failure.

I’m using verison 6.5.1

Aha now I get it. So that’s why it may differ from other wp-themes because they may have another way to validate the url?

Correct. I’m not sure if there is another possible explanation, but it seems like this may be a browser issue in your case because without http:// the comment form should not validate. Feel free to try it out on one of the posts on my site,

If you are able to get the form to submit then let us know which OS, browser, and browser version you tried it on.