Add Monitoring options to Trellis?

Like New Relic, PaperTrail or similar by adding the Keys/APIs to the config and run their setup on provision?

Or would this also slow down server performance etc.?

I think that NewRelic seems to add some things to the output PHP.

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Performance monitoring is great but I’m not sure about including a paid service by default. Obviously there’s free tiers but we’d still need to “choose” a single service and integrate it.

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Yeah i thought of the problem of those services being paid, but they do have the free tiers although the limitations are quite big.

It’s been a while since i used Digital Ocean, and they have Bandwidth, Disk and CPU graphs so monitoring may not be needed.

I’d also vote for integrating monitoring services. I don’t know so much about ansible and how things work in fact but having options would be great.

Maybe Sensu or Monit would be viable options additionally to commercial SaaS providers?

Even if DO provides monitoring - having a greater insight into memory usage or other services would be great.

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I’m also planning to add Monit or Supervisord to my server… Anyone doing this with Trellis (and have open source code)? Would love to check it out.

I created a Ansible role to add Monit on a Trellis server.
Maybe it will help someone else :slight_smile:


And one more for newrelic


At monit role deploy I got this error:

ERROR! the role '2kloc.trellis-monit' was not found in /Volumes/B/Documentos/trellis2/ansible/roles:/Volumes/B/Documentos/trellis2/ansible/vendor/roles:/Volumes/B/Documentos/trellis2/ansible

The error appears to have been in '/Volumes/B/Documentos/trellis2/ansible/server.yml': line 43, column 7, but may
be elsewhere in the file depending on the exact syntax problem.

The offending line appears to be:

    - { role: wordpress-setup, tags: [wordpress, wordpress-setup, letsencrypt] }
    - { role: 2kloc.trellis-monit, tags: [monit] }
      ^ here

I think the server role could be:

- { role: trellis-monit, tags: [monit] }

Is it right?

When you add new roles to Ansible (trellis) you need to run ansible-galaxy install -r requirements.yml in your trellis directory to actually pull down the roles. That error indicates the role isn’t available

Of course, I did it. The role folder is in its place, into vendor/roles, and there are no errors in output of ansible-galaxy install -r requirements.yml.

I tried to remove vendor/roles/monit and reinstall requeriments with same results. Changing

- { role: 2kloc.trellis-monit, tags: [monit] }


- { role: trellis-monit, tags: [monit] }

It works.