Add Vim to all environments

Hi all, I’m new to Trellis but enjoying learning the workflow. Having trouble with what I figured was a simple task. Adding vim to all environments. I suspect this falls more on the vagrant side but idk.

So far i did this:

  1. shell: ansible-galaxy install wtanaka.vim
  2. added to requirements.yml (as want all environments to have the package)
  • name: vim
    src: wtanaka.vim
  1. shell: vagrant up
    I see vagrant downloading the role, extracting and installing successfully but when i vagrant ssh and run the vim command it tells me to install with apt:

The program ‘vim’ can be found in the following packages:

  • vim
  • vim-gnome
  • vim-tiny
  • vim-athena
  • vim-athena-py2
  • vim-gnome-py2
  • vim-gtk
  • vim-gtk-py2
  • vim-gtk3
  • vim-gtk3-py2
  • vim-nox
  • vim-nox-py2
    Try: sudo apt install

nvm i solved it. Just needed to do a vagrant provision to get everything going.
learning curve right here.
Would you recommend requirements.yml for package installs that span all environments? Or should i be doing this elsewhere?

I assume you also added the role to dev.yml?

To get it on all environments you just need to add it to dev.yml and server.yml. Following the examples that exist:

Yep I did, still working out Ansible so requirements stuck out to the unitiated. But great to be able to split between dev and remote environments. Thanks for the quick answer!