Adding CSSComb to gulp


I’ve not long made the switch from grunt to gulp, and I’m still getting my head around it. I have bought the screencast (worth every penny), but it doesn’t go into editing the gulpfile.js (I guess that would be a topic all of it’s own?)

Anyway I would like to add gulp-csscomb to the watch process, so that when I save it runs css-combe and ‘cleans’ things up.

Is this possible? If so how do I do it? :wink:


Might be worth watching

I’m interested in this. I used to use CSScomb via a Sublime Text plugin but it was buggy with Less & I haven’t revisited since switching to Sass.

Cool, thanks I’ll do that.

Can I ask why you switched from less?

We switched in preparation for Bootstrap 4, which will be using Sass.

Really?! oh great another switch to learn & rewrite all my starter styles as well as trying to get my head around gulp & bower :pensive:

It’s easy enough to transition between the two with converters -


Thanks that will help a lot :thumbsup: